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private equity firm specializing in strategic acquisitions,
corporate divestitures, recapitalizations and growth capital investments.


private equity firm specializing in strategic acquisitions,
corporate divestitures, recapitalizations and growth capital investments.


Credian Partners is a private equity firm specializing in strategic acquisitions, corporate divestitures, recapitalizations and growth capital investments. We seek to deliver superior and stable risk-adjusted returns by targeting and proactively offering value-creating solutions to companies capable of generating stable cashflow and having promising growth prospects, as well as those in financial distress. Our investment partners bring extensive experiences spanning across a broad spectrum of professional industries including private equity fund management, M&A advisory, management consulting and corporate finance, while offering unparalleled capabilities in all aspects of the investment process.

Definition of Symbol

The initials C and P is symbolized as a shield. This suggests CREDIAN PARTNERS' credibility, guardianship and unwavering strength. Uniformity and legibility are enhanced using copperplate patterns.

Our Experience


Cross-border investments

Proven competence and experience in cross-border investments


Minority interest and buyout investments

Acquisitions of majority and minority stakes to enhance corporate value


Investments in various industries

Invested through vigorous and comprehensive analysis of diverse industries both at home and abroad


Successful exits

Successful exits utilizing multiple methods

Core Value


Commit to the highest standards and transparency to elevate mutual trust amongst everyone we do business with


Present distinguished value to clients and overcome obstacles to achieve the desired results and operate with the highest standard of quality and professionalism in all that we do


Empower our people to become entrepreneurs, operate as leaders, and pursue smart risks because we believe this is what propels excellence.


Win by breaking new ground and looking for new ideas and value with “out-of-the-box” thinking

Investment Philosophy

Alignment of Interests

  • Develop win-win strategy between funds and its portfolio companies through optimal investment structures and conditions
  • Establish fund management system that can fulfill the common interests of both limited partners and general partner
  • Establish concrete and clear compensation system that can align the interest between the firm and investment professionals

Financial & Operational Excellence

  • Design optimal investment structures and conditions in terms of finance, tax, and laws when making investments
  • Actively participate in the strategic issues of the company as a member of the board of directors and shareholder as a long-term business partner after the investment
  • Appoint a top-notch management team that can further promote corporate value after investments (acquisition) or secure a pool of industry experts who can collaborate effectively with the existing management team

People-oriented Culture

  • Hire and retain outstanding investment managers and fostering investment experience and skills for devising ideas to discover excellent investment opportunities, while also engaging in thorough post-investment management
  • Closely interact with management team to enhance the corporate value of portfolio companies

Disciplined & Responsible Approach

  • Limit the number of portfolio companies managed by an investment manager to ensure sufficient time and effort to properly manage portfolio companies
  • Defend common interests of various stakeholders (investors, employees, suppliers, local communities, etc.) during investments and operation of the portfolio companies

Investment Strategy


Prorprietary Deal

Preemptively spot investment opportunities with strategic investors through a corporative network. We have built a network with the owners, M&A teams, business development teams, and strategy teams of large and medium-sized enterprises in Korea.


Enhancing Value

Realize the full development potential of companies. Start by identifying potential initiatives during the due diligence process, typically focused on "key drivers” through which we have demonstrated significant performance-enhancing capabilities.


Top companies in the market

Invest in small/mid cap companies that are leaders in their niche market but are underperforming compared to their capacities.


Focus on Resilient Sectors

Credian's investment selection approach focuses on addressing perennial demand for needs by solving structural bottlenecks or tapping into natural competitive advantages.


  • Green Cross Biotherapeutics

    Fund 1

    Canadian subsidiary of Green Cross, a leading Korean pharmaceutical company
    Investment Amount: CAD 70 mn
    Investment Type: Growth Capital
    PEF Gross IRR: 10.6%

  • Psomagen

    Fund 2

    USA subsidiary of Macrogen, a leading DNA analysis service company
    Investment Amount: USD 10 mn
    Investment Type : Growth Capital
    PEF Gross IRR: 35.0%

  • WiseUX Global

    Fund 3

    Premium frozen chicken breast brands ‘I’m Dak’ and 'I’m Well' in HMR market
    Investment Amount: KRW 23 bn
    Investment Type: Buyout

  • NuScale Power

    Fund 4

    industry-leading provider of proprietary and innovative advanced nuclear small modular reactor (SMR) technology
    Investment Amount: USD 20 mn
    Investment Type: PIPE
    Stock Exchange: NYSE (Ticker: SMR)

  • Valuence Merger Corp. I

    SPAC 1

    Nasdaq SPAC targeting Asian life science and sustainable technology firms seeking and IPO on the US stock market
    Capital Raised: USD 220 mn
    Investment Type: SPAC Management
    Stock Exchange: Nasdaq (Ticker: VMCA)


  • Sung Yoon Woo

    Managing Partner, Founder & CEO

    Sung Yoon Woo is the founder and chief executive officer of Credian Partners. Mr. Woo has initiated buyouts and experienced a plethora of investment transactions in both domestic and cross-border private equity. Prior to the founding of Credian Partners, Mr. Woo was a Director at Russell Investments. Before that, he was the head of the Global Investment Team at the Private Equity Division of Mirae Asset Global Investments. He was a manager at KB Kookmin Bank's Investment Banking Department.
    Mr. Woo earned his BA in law at Yonsei University and his MBA from Cornell University.

  • TJ Hyun

    Director - Investment Professionals

    TJ Hyun is the Director of Credian Partners. Prior to joining Credian Partners, Mr. Hyun had executed investments in public, private, and startup companies in the U.S. and Korea across various sectors, including healthcare, consumer goods, and aesthetics, as both a private equity manager and a venture capitalist at Seven Tree Equity Partners and Solborn Investment respectively.
    My. Hyun earned his BA in economics at University of California - Berkeley

  • Hwanho Kang

    Director - Management Professionals

    Hwanho Kang is the director of Credian Partners. Prior to joining Credian Partners, Mr. Kang worked in a wide range of fields in Korea and Indonesia. He joined as a member of the information division from Yonhap News Agency. Before this, he was a director at Ceragem in Indonesia.
    Mr. Kang earned his BA and MA in politics and diplomacy at Hankook University of Foreign Studies.








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